Smash Bros. For Wii U/3DS Dream Roster – Shadow The Hedgehog

Shadow The Hedgehog would be PERFECT for smash! And any of you who think he’d be a Sonic clone, he would be NOTHING AT ALL like Sonic. Everyone of his moves would be different from Sonic.

Standard B – Chaos Spear: A lightning bolt projectile of chaos energy. Can be charged. Works like Samus’ charge beam.

Up B – Chaos Control: Warps Shadow a short distance, but moves very quickly. Works like Zelda’s Farore wind.

Down B – Chaos Blast: Shadow creates a big explosion around him. Can be charged and does great damage to the enemy.

Side B – Chaos Ball: Shadow creates a small orb that follows the enemy.

Final Smash: Dark Shadow: Shadow transforms into Dark Shadow, giving him enhanced; speed, attack power and infinite jumps, but there’s one flaw; he can’t take too much damage. now, you maybe thinking: “What? Why isn’t he invincible?” The answer is; this is DARK SHADOW, not SUPER shadow. This form uses negative chaos energy, so it drains his energy, and fast.

Dark Shadow’s Moveset: His moveset stays the same, but the attacks are MUCH more powerful, but the only difference is that if his chaos blast is charged all the way; he’ll unleash a super chaos blast. Super chaos blast is a much, MUCH more powerful version of chaos blast. So powerful that if you use it, the final smash will end afterwards. If super chaos blast hits anybody, it will insta-kill anybody it hits. It’s that powerful.

Battle Theme: I Am (All Of Me) Piano/Never Turn Back – Shadow The Hedgehog OST

Stage: Radical Highway

Thanks for reading this far. If you liked it, check out my last dream roster character, Rainbow Dash:

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